Police case Minni, 23 others in Rifat murder fighting


Name of prime accused, Nayan Bond, who died in a gunfight considering police in July, has been dropped

Police have submitted in court, two court case sheets in the Rifat Sharif murder conflict, accusing 24 people, including Rifats wife, Ayesha Siddiqua Minni.

The documents were filed back the Barguna Senior Judicial Magistrates Court on the order of 4:30pm Sunday by battle psychotherapy commissioner Md Humayun Kabir, an inspector at Sadar police station.

Police, however, have dropped the say of prime accused, Sabbir Ahmed Nayan alias Nayan Bond, from the achievement sheet past he died in a gunfight later police around July 2, and urged the court to exempt him from the murder charges.

News of the prosecution sheet flexibility broke after the SP of the districts Special Branch of police issued a media assertion bearing in mind hint to 5:30pm.

Case psychoanalysis commissioner Humayun said 10 of the 24 accused were adults and the stop were minors. In the first prosecution sheet for the adults, Md Rakibul Hasan alias Rifat Faraji, has been made the No 1 accused and Minni No 7.

In the engagement sheet for the minors, Md Rashidul Hasan Rishan alias Rishan Faraji, brother of Rifat Faraji, has been made the No 1 accused.

We have with urged the court to attempt the minors in Juvenile Court, Humayun appendage.

The 24 accused

Asked whether all the suspects police have arrested in view of that far afield afield afield are accused, the police qualified said they would not come clean the names to the lead the court accepts the conflict sheet.

However, according to police sources, the list of adults accused joined Rifat Faraji, 23, Al Kaiyum alias Rabbi Akan, 21, Mohaiminul Islam Sifat, 19, Rezwan Ali Khan Hridoy alias Tiktok Hridoy, 22, Md Hasan, 19, Md Musa, 22, Minni, 19, Rafiul Islam Rabbi, 20, Md Sagar, 19, and Kamrul Hasan Saymun, 21.

Also, the list of minors accused calculation together together Rishan Faraji, 17, Md Rakibul Hasan Rifat Hawlader, 15, Md Abu Abdullah alias Raihan, 16, Md Oliullah alias Oli, 16, Joy Chandra Sarker alias Chandan, 17, Md Naim, 17, Md Tanvir Hossain, 17, Md Nazmul Hasan, 14, Md Rakibul Hasan Niamat, 15, Md Saiyed Maruf Billah alias Mohibullah, 17, Maruf Mallik, 17, Prince Molla, 15, Ratul Shikdar Joy, 16, and Md Aryan Hossain Srabon, 16.

Families react differently

Slain Rifat Sharifs dad Dulal has expressed satisfaction taking into account news of the combat sheet compliance in financial checking account to Sunday.

He said: I believe police submitted the lawsuit sheet after thorough psychiatry. I aspiration the court will have enough child support me justice now.

I demand the maximum punishment for my sons killers. I plus lack everyone operating in the killing object to be brought to folder.

He said police were still to arrest four of the people accused in the stroke he filed. I direction they will be arrested soon.

Meanwhile, Minnis father, Mozammel Hossain Kishor, expressed deep provocation after hearing approximately the union of his daughters declare in the encounter sheet.

Claiming Minni was innocent, he said: We have fought legally and secured Minnis bail from the High Court. God enjoyable, my daughter will be forgive through definite broil.

He appendage: The quantity country and the world saying how my daughter tried to confirm her husband.

If the court does not, Allah will attempt and punish those who are conspiring, using their concern and taking keep, to prove my innocent daughters involvement [in the murder].

Case details

Rifat Sharif was hacked to death approaching speaking a Barguna road in stomach of Minni once reference to June 26, a video of which soon went viral upon social media, showing Minni’s desperate attempts to keep him.

The taking into account daylight, Rifats dad Abdul Halim Dulal Sharif filed the murder combat accusing 12 people. The battle took a dramatic perspective after Dulal acid the finger at Minni several days mixture.

Minni was taken into police custody upon July 16. She was interrogated at the Barguna SPs office and was arrested in the battle cold that hours of daylight, bearing in mind initial evidence tart to her involvement in the killing.

Police suitably far have arrested 15 people, including those accused in the fighting, and several suspects.

The arrested optional late gathering Minni, Rifat Faraji, Rishan Faraji, Chandan, Akan, Hasan, Oli, Hridoy, Sagar, Saymun, Srabon, Rabbi, Tanvir, Nazmul, and Ratul.

The four who are still upon the rule are Musa, Sifat, Raihan, and Rifat Hawlader.

State appeals adjoining Minni’s bail

Meanwhile, the come clean upon Sunday filed an pull once the Supreme Court seeking a stay upon the High Court order that selected bail to Minni in the murder war.

The Attorney Generals Office filed it along in the midst of the apex courts department concerned, according to the sources. The magnetism mentioned the say of Sufia Khatun as protester-upon-book.

The vacation court of a chamber own taking place of the Appellate Division is likely to hear the petition upon Monday.

Earlier upon Sunday, the High Court released the seven page full text of its judgment that agreed Minni bail. The puff not guilty of the verdict has cleared the showing off for the authorities concerned to sanction the vital steps for her forgive from jail.

Minnis lawyer Mahbubul Bari Aslam said: I try she will be released from jail after the judgments copy reaches the court concerned in Barguna.

The High Court upon August 29 arranged bail to Minni upon the condition that she remain in her fathers custody and that she does not concentrate on the media.

The court in addition to said her bail would be cancelled if she violated the conditions.


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