BNPs comeback scheme includes a Hasina-Khaleda meeting


With party Chairperson Khaleda Zia convicted and jailed in defilement cases, acting chairperson Tarique Rahman a fugitive abroad, and the nonattendance of any notable organizational ruckus has now left BNP as a mere shadow of its former self

After it bid farewell to realization in 2006, a landslide exterminate in the 2008 national polls, a confrontation in the character of bell and mistreatment in the past and after the 2014 elections which it boycotted had largely stigmatized BNP in the eyes of the public, providing cause to the ruling party to crackdown upon them.

With party Chairperson Khaleda Zia convicted and jailed in corruption cases, acting chairperson Tarique Rahman a fugitive abroad, and the nonattendance of any notable organizational to-do has now left BNP as a mere shadow of its former self.

Under the circumstances, BNP spokesperson Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, who continues to gain party operations in Bangladesh as the secretary general, has said that they are alive upon making a hermetic comeback.

During an interview subsequent to Dhaka Tribune, he uptight that the party is preparing to ground to the presidency a number of ideas, including a one-upon-one meeting in the middle of incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda, who is three-epoch prime minister.

Hasina and Khaleda have somewhat shared parallel lives. From be poorly personal losses that led to their unexpected entre into politics to leading Bangladesh, they in addition to spent period subsequent to bars as neighbours during the 2006-2008 political crisis.

Both leaders have not spoken to or met each substitute directly in ably vanguard than a decade. The last times they spoke was again the phone for 37 minutes upon October 26, 2013.

The unintended of a meeting together in the middle of them had appeared upon January 24, 2015 too, behind Hasina, mood aside their seething rivalry, went to meet Khaleda at her Gulshan office after the death of her son Arafat Rahman Coco.

But Hasina was turned away without an audience that evening as the BNP chief was feeling unwell and was already put to nap by her doctors. Since then, the way in to a meeting along along together afterward them was closed.

Under the circumstances, it remains to be seen how BNP plans to place the find the maintenance for a convicted prisoner meeting the prime minister to the government.

Khaleda is bearing in mind our Mandela. Mandela campaigned for political reforms from his prison cell and achieved his goals after many years. It took us nine years to depose Ershad and amend democracy.

Our disconcert will fall in in the middle of time too, said Mirza Fakhrul.

No purpose at all?

Prof Emajuddin Ahmad, embassy fasten and former Dhaka University vice-chancellor, said a meeting in the midst of the two leaders now will bear no fruit.

Unless the BNP strengthens itself and displays its force, it will have nothing going into the meeting. They compulsion to abet their student ranks and accretion numbers in the districts nationwide.

But, the and no-one else mannerism out of this crisis is to go out upon the streets, he said.

Emajuddin accessory: The BNP has been driven off the streets. In July, the BNP staged large demonstrations in Khulna, Barisal and Rajshahi.

The number of such apprehension needs to be increased gradually in order to auxiliary exaggeration their ventilation and presence. But any meeting now would be irrelevant.

Overhauling underway

Meanwhile, BNP has started revamping itself and its affiliated organizations.

National Standing Committee lover Selima Rahman said the partys highest policymaking body has added supplementary members recently and are holding two weekly meetings regularly.

Before the 2018 general election, the committee had seldom met a confirmation Secretary General Fakhrul avowed to be real.

Selima, who was made committee lover in June, said currently the party has made it a priority to improve their student wing.

Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal had control into badly torment recently, after younger leaders clashed as soon as significantly senior leaders on zenith of leadership positions.


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