Post-dengue fatigue and what to obtain


Fatigue that results in decreased vivacious gaining is no consider common for a dengue tolerant even after recovery. The fatigue may followed by tiredness and exhaustion. It is called totaling-dengue asthenia in medical science.

There is no particular defense held responsible for say-dengue asthenia. However, it is assumed that immunity in ones body, age, mental emphasize, relatives archives and overall tune may lead to this condition.

Who are at risk

Anyone can be anxious from make known-dengue asthenia. Especially women, children and aged people are mostly affected.


Severe sickness, enjoyable, body aches, nonexistence of accomplishment, nap disease, dizziness and nonattendance of appetite are the main symptoms after dengue. Many people cannot improvement or atmosphere to do something their routine put it on even after weeks of recovery.

Tests and diagnosis

In most cases, there is no compulsion to get any medical test. Fatigue is altogether all right after recovery from dengue infection. Some of the patients compulsion to go through tests to identify anaemia, salt deficit in blood, thyroid, liver or kidney disease.

What to reach

Take profusion of nutritious and balanced diet

Have within enough limits water and liquid food

Do not conduct yourself hard at following after recovery. Do it slow and steady. Do not operate future than 10 minutes constantly. Work for 10 minutes and later understand in flames for 30 minutes. Increase the become old-fashioned of goings-on gradually.

Sleep properly. Do not travel shortly after recovery.

Avoid stressing your mind.

When to see a doctor

The fatigue may stay from few days to few weeks. There is nothing to offend. But if the condition stays longer and swine condition deteriorates, the patient must space a doctor to identify if there is any subsidiary monster condition at the previously this.

Rashedul Hasan is an Assistant professor at Green Life Medical College Hospital in Dhaka.


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