What to do with the new dengue symptom?


The incidence of dengue fever is higher than in years past. The intensity is quite. Every year, the prevalence of dengue runs from April-May to September-October. Already this year, Dengue has been intimidating. If someone’s dengue in the family is not panic, want alertness and awareness. Most dengue fever is cured by itself. There is no treatment except paracetamol, rest and adequate fluid. In some cases, however, it turns into dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome, which endangers the patient’s life.

Differences in dengue symptoms

This year, dengue fever is presenting with different symptoms and symptoms.

• Fever is usually drawn five to six days. But this time, after a short period of fever, they suddenly took a bend in the critical phase.

• Instead of rash or pain in the throat, new symptoms like cough, slim closet, vomiting appear.

• Rapidly increasing SGPT and creatinine, increasing lipase of some.

• Multi-organ failure or injury to various organs (such as kidney failure, liver problems, myocarditis), chest and stomach complication.

• Many dengue antigens remain negative in blood despite having dengue.

Dengue is appearing with such new specialties. This level of severity is due to being infected for the third or fourth time. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant when fever is present.

Be aware, not panic

Most dengue fever cures itself 
, with no treatment except paracetamol, rest and adequate fluid.

If you have dengue, get enough rest without panic. Eat paracetamol to reduce fever. Take plenty of water, canned water, saline, fruit juice etc. Do not take any antibiotics or painkillers yourself. Remember, you need to be more careful when it comes to curing fever. Because of this, complications start to emerge. So do not go to work immediately with fever. Regularly monitor blood pressure at home. Dizziness, dark eyes, weak blood pressure are symptoms. Remember, pulse pressure below 20 means dengue is turning to shock syndrome. If the platelet drops below one lakh or if hematocrit changes, seek doctor’s advice, get hospitalized if it falls below 1,000. But if you have to give a platelet to the hospital, There is no such thing. Plasma leakage occurs in such dengue (plasma comes out of the vein). So it is important to use saline carefully. That’s why being hospitalized. Apart from this there are many vomiting, bleeding anywhere in the body, feeling weak due to low blood pressure, severe abdominal pain, excessive restlessness and abnormal behavior, hands and feet cooling etc. Take the patient to the hospital.

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Defense: A. limit

Question: At  age 25, I probably have gynecomastia. What can I do in this situation.

Answer: Gynecomastia means abnormal growth of the males’ breasts. Fat tissue or fat accumulates, not showing gynecomastia due to the weight gain. Whether the amount of nipples has increased, it remains to be seen. This may be due to hormonal problems and the side effects of some drugs. Testing should be done in consultation with a hormone specialist. Dr. Shahzada Selim , Hormone Specialist


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