The indescribable suffering of the passengers of North Bengal during the Eid Journey

ঈদের নিরানন্দ যাত্রা

This year’s Eid-ul-Fitr suffered unbearable misery for the passengers of North Bengal. In the normal time, it takes two to two and a half hours to reach the nearest district to the west of the Jamuna Bridge from Dhaka and to the north of Panchagarh to the north. But this time, on the eve of the Eid journey, from August 7, it was like going to Sirajganj for 3-5 hours and many could not reach Panchagarh in a day and a half. In comparison, it is possible to reach Sherpur in Bogra in 5 hours last Sunday. Because, those departing on Friday-Saturday, it took 5 – 20 hours.

My own experience was that my bus from Mohakhali terminal was at 9:30 am on Sunday (August 5th). Going to the terminal, it was seen that there were numerous people gigging with bags and bags. In front of the bus counters, a loud, excited buggy. People at bus companies say they do not know how long to wait. From the very first day of the Eid Yatra, the schedule has become lawless. It was about 4 o’clock. People at the transport counter at my car said they would leave at six o’clock in the morning.

I can not go back home, do not think what to do. Turning around. Meeting with a colleague in front of another transport counter. He took a ticket here, I had an arrangement. A Bogra ticket was found at 5 rupees. In this case the money is not big, it is a great privilege to get a ticket. Let me tell you how it happened. The car, which was supposed to leave at 5am in the morning, is stuck in Chandikona (Sirajganj). Not sure when it will come to Dhaka. The people at the counter have arranged to rent a bus and send the passengers to the car. For those who have already bought tickets, they want to get on this bus, they have to pay an extra 5 bucks. And for those who do not have a ticket, they have 5 taka. Many of the passengers who had bought tickets earlier, expressed their anger, shouted, finally left the hall and got on the bus with the extra 5 bucks. The bus is pretty good, didn’t even bother to leave. It was about 4 o’clock in the morning.

Holidays in Dhaka Savar and Chandra cars are running fast after crossing a light complex. A slight twitch came on, causing the car to suddenly stop. I see eye-to-eye on this side of the road divider, three rows of buses, trucks, personal cars. The other side of the divider is empty. For a long time, two cars rushed into the air. The unbearable stagnation on this side.

The bus stopped at Mirzapur. It was heard that the place was near Elenga. The intense sun is burning all around. A lot of people were going on livestock return trucks. Their fried fried condition in the sun burned. Some put towels or cloths on the head, some came down and broke the branches of the surrounding trees and matched them like umbrellas on the head. The condition of the children is like a broken rock. Four lanes are in the works. Loose dust all over the road.

For a long time, the bus goes a little further and gets stuck again. As well as trying to get ahead of each other when the opportunity arises between the three rows of cars. Sometimes it gets more complicated. Then again the tough situation. The food business has grown. The vendors were passing by the car, carrying water, sorbet, drinks, bananas, bread, chips, from polythene packets to Khichuri. Water was being sold more.

The main source of jatla was seen there, after crossing the Elanga and entering the link road of the Jamuna Bridge. The connecting road is a two lane, and there are three rows of vehicles trying to get there. Some vehicles have entered the opposite side. Terrible chaos. Two policemen are trying to carry out the duty at a safe distance along the sidewalk, but the situation is not improving. After spending a long time here approaching the bridge, it was late afternoon.

It was a relief to be able to leave one of the dams all in one. But again, near the Sirajganj intersection, it is difficult to get back on the connecting road from the main road. Meanwhile, four lanes have not been started. Very few places on one side. A car can go anywhere. Two rows of returning vehicles on the other side. That row crossed the ground floor. And on the other side of the bridge, just like the other side, very few policemen were seen, practically playing the role of a passive spectator. When I got to Sherpur, 25 km before Bogra, it was dark at sunset.

This time there was severe traffic jam in North Bengal from the beginning of the Eid. Due to the loose traffic control system (especially in Tangail and Sirajganj areas) there has been so much suffering. The concerned minister expressed satisfaction that there was no traffic in eastern and southern areas. In the north, his language was ‘traffic is not slow’. So the cleaning was done. However, the truth is that the experience of those who suffer the unfortunate, is contrary to the official statement.

Every two Eid-ul-Fitr every year has become the inevitable destiny of travelers. Despite the advance tickets of the bus at high prices, they do not escape the suffering. Instead of trying to lighten the problem by avoiding liability for various reasons. Far from being able to pinpoint the true cause of human suffering, but never heard of it, far less accountability has been encountered. Just saying this deviation — or why should it ever be, in any other case?


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