5 injured in Mirpur slum fire

মিরপুরের বস্তির আগুন নিয়ন্ত্রণে, আহত ৪

A fire has been brought under control of a slum near Chantika Mora in the capital Mirpur-1. About three and a half hours after the fire, the fire service brought the fire under control at around 7:30 pm on Friday. Four people were injured in the incident. They were sent to the hospital.

According to the fire service, 25 fire service units have been working to extinguish the fire. With the help of RAB, police, WASA and local people, it is possible to bring the fire under control. The names of three of the four injured were reported. They are: Rafiq, Kabir (3) and Habib (1).

Witnesses said fire service cars were unable to reach the scene due to the numerous buildings around the slums of Jhilpar. Besides, there is no road to drive along the slum. Due to the wind, the flames are spreading towards the building. Because of this, the occupants of the building are making a big escape.

In addition to the fire service, the locals are also working. Electricity, gas connections have been disconnected in the area surrounding the fire.

Meanwhile, Mayor Atiqul Islam has announced that the victims’ aid and medical treatment will be carried out by the city corporation.


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