Striped or striped fashion


Stripes or stripes were once more commonly seen in different types of uniforms. Gradually the stripe has come into fashion. Still sitting on the saddle. Understand the physical structure of the stripe dress. What kind of stripes for which, you need to know.

Black stripes (stripes) on white clothing. Design from the early 7th century. These patterns were worn by prison inmates, prisoners, executioners, garment workers. It was also the case that in France a shoe polish man wore this drawn-out dress. He was ordered to be considered guilty and killed. Ordinary people dare not wear this garment. The French sailors’ dress also had a striped design meaning a stripe. Designer Coco Chanel has brought fashion in fashion from the beginning. He was inspired by the sailors’ clothing while visiting the Mediterranean coast of Italy. It’s not surprising that something new will come out of it in fashion.

According to some, the light stripe design is more attractive than the thicker stripes. Someone wants to choose the monochromatic stripe again. Whatever the choice, there are some rules for wearing stripes. Many like to wear monochromatic downs if the upper part of the dress is striped. The opposite is true. The stripe design is also good. The design of the upper and lower part of the clothing is a popular fashion trend of international fashion, says designer Humaira Khan. Kameez and salwar or pants can be dressed in the same stripe design. Will tell you, you like the difference.

Striped design on skirts. Clothing: Stripes according to the physical structure of the clubhouse

Possess peer structure

Shoulders short The thighs and backs are relatively heavy. Landscape stripes work well for this type of physical structure. If the stripe design at the top is a bit thicker, your shoulders will be relatively wide. And pants, long skirts should be in skirts. It will look a bit dry on the bottom of the body.

Handwork in striped design. Clothing: Anakini holds the 
apple structure

These names in the physical constitution are also interesting. Those whose body mass is heavy on the abdomen, possess this structure. If the two sides of the stripe pattern are the same color, good. Long or elongated stripe design fits this structure. The Konkuni stripe will divert attention away from the thick.

Two types of striped design hourglass structure in the same garment

The waistline in this structure is as narrow as the sandstone. You can choose the strip you want. The landscape stripe should not look bad either. It is better not to wear such a dress at the waist.

For short

For those who are short, close your eyes and choose long stripes. Overnight it will be half an inch taller. If the landscape is far from the stripe, it will be good for you.

In a heart-shaped structure

If your shoulders are wider than your thighs and back, your heart-shaped structure is yours. This type of structure also has excess fat in the hands and stomach. In the case of the top, select the long strip. Choose the landscape stripe for the lower body. Will help you adjust to the structure above.

The striped design is ideal for casual clothing. Punjabi, kameez, skirt – stripe design has everything. The design of the clubhouse is auspicious, said Stripe’s design, with yarn work, cutwork or ethnographic style being added. Long and landscape stripes have been brought within one garment to make a difference. It doesn’t look monotonous. People can wear any body structure. Clean, clean but stylish. That’s how the design of the stripe is. A very bold style can be created with a stripe. It is possible to be flexible in the entire wardrobe.


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