It’s good to be in a hurry


The rainy season However, the sun is not less. At this time, the first thing to think about is comfort. Boys wear shirts, t-shirts, it’s good to be in fashion and fluffy. The color should also be chosen so that the eye is comfortable.

Office 9am-5pm wearing tight tights. There is life beyond that. Evening wandering or holiday gathering in the evening can be seen in casual clothes. 

The rainy season is underway. However, no rain has been seen every day. Rather hot. Going out, it takes ducks. It is necessary to give a little thought to the selection of boys’ clothing. At this time, it will be comfortable to wear fur. 

Such a thin shirt will also be worn at this time. Clothing: Easy T-shirts, polo or slim shirts - whatever you want to wear, there will be colors that will ease the eyes. Light colors in the words of designers. It will bring peace and stay with the times. 

“Most young people now love to wear polo or T-shirts,” advised Touhid Chowdhury, director of Fashion House Easy. So you can wear more t-shirts at this time without thinking. On a hot day, you should choose a color that is comfortable to the eyes, avoiding dark or dark colors. ‘

Film actor Roshan also loves to wear T-shirts. He said, ‘I prefer to be casual. So t-shirts with denim pants are at the top of my list of favorites. Monochrome T-shirt is over. Even if I wear a shirt, try to pick a thin cotton cloth, keeping in mind the heat. 

Whatever is in the market

Many fashion houses were also seen, most of the boys’ shirts are now cotton. Printed designs are more than monochromatic in the case of shirts. As printed on the ground, some are printed only in pockets or hand bands. Buttonplate of the shirt is also printed on the long sleeves. Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury, proprietor and designer of Gentle Park, said, “Three-dimensional prints are also being printed on the shirts. And the shirt is being made with soft cloth as much as possible because of the heat. T-shirts are a variety of washes.

Jeans with a bang-colored polo shirt, will look fresh. Clothing: When used in a shirt or T-shirt without any processing, it is often uneven and thick. So the cloth is washed and softened. T-shirt fabrics are being washed multiple times nowadays to make them comfortable. 

Cool die t-shirts have been popular for years. Some fashion houses still have cool dye t-shirts. The round neck t-shirt has a variety of text and images on the front. Especially young people are wearing such T-shirts, shopkeepers said. However, if there is a big picture print on the front of the T-shirt, it will not cause enough air. As a result you can go to gheme. So when buying a T-shirt, you can look at the design in less space. 

When it comes to colors like lemongrass, sky, light pink, red, white, champagne white, yellow, moss, etc. are much better at this time. 

Where such prices

If you buy shirts in shops like New Market, Bangabazar, Chandrima Super Market, the price will be around Rs. And T-shirts will be available for between Rs. The price of a polo shirt here is from 5 to 5 rupees. 

However, at the fashion house, the price of the shirt will be between Rs. There you can buy a polo or T-shirt for 5 to 5 thousand rupees. T-shirts of international brands like Puma or Adidas are available in Dhaka. If you want to buy those T-shirts, it will cost at least Rs 2,000.


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