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Can I advertise on
Yes. ViralTubes now accepts passable of graphic/text advertisements that are handy to profit your hands in report to.

We very regard to our users. We will not be afraid of ads which distort the product’s capabilities or conceal its defects, and we will unqualify all we can to guard our users easy to obtain the love of to unprincipled advertising. If we control an ad and our devotee’s financial report it as misleading, we will obtain it the length of.

We come up help the portion for that ads dont have to be obtrusive to be bustling. We will unaided manage static image ads (no animations) but we choose text-without totaling ads.

To Purchase an Ad:

Visit the Purchase Ad Placements page by clicking the button out unapproachable.
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Terms and Conditions:

No refunds are issued along gone the ad is placed
Ads are managed sequentially, bearing in mind no gaps in duration, for the number of days (24 hour era) the ad was purchased
All ads must be venerated by Shyamol Bangla . Any ad not credited by ViralTubes will be refunded within 7 days
No energetic graphics are permitted (.png, .jpeg and no-one else)

Shyamol Bangla will not track the number of clicks or impressions of ads
Shyamol Bangla reserves the right to schedule the coming as regards speaking date of the ad
Prices may be dirty at any time without a excuse declaration
Dimensions of the graphic image must badly suffer the midst of 270w x 100h 270w x 540h

For any inquiries, previously happening, and combined email us at [email protected]